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Our Mission

To Revolutionize self care by empowering you to connect with your personal power through self expression and inspiring you to Live Colourfully

Express Yourself

We challenge you to create a one of a kind Moodcord look that stands the test of time.

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Why We Live Colourfully?

Live Colourfully was born from the idea that every colour offers a unique emotional experience. It is a lifestyle of choosing positive emotion and experiencing the freedom that comes with the unconventional. At Bandbox our goal is to use products and services that will help you unleash your personal power through creative self expression and awaken your bliss.

Live Colourfully

Experience how to Live Colourfully through our exclusive products and services

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What’s a Moodcord?

A Moodcord is a Signature accessory exclusively designed by Bandbox! It resembles a layered neckpiece and it is typically carried that way. In addition to their boldness and beauty every Moodcord is designed to be worn in unconventional ways so that you can express your mood through your personal style. When added to an otherwise basic look a Moodcord makes you feel as special as you truly are.

Not Just a Neck Piece

Embrace the unconventional and express Yourself in unique and creative ways.

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Dappernotes x Bandbox Handmade Notebooks

Limited edition handmade notebooks made by creatives for creatives!

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Face Masks

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Love It love it. Excellent Product!!! Will get a few more... I recommended to all my friends. Fresh, trendy, classic all in one.

Lorena Tapia Lambert

Super Creative and passionate about their work! Friendly Service! The Bandbox is the best!!!!

Desire St. Marthe

The Bandbox provided an amazing attention to detail and an absolutely beautiful product. Will definitely be doing more business with her in the future.

Ron Jn. Charles

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