Creative Director and design of handmade Caribbean based fashion brand Bandbox 
Hey  there! I am Kim Charlery from The Bandbox.
There's something about using both sides of your brain that make you feel alive. Color does that. Color has the ability to break up the monotony of the everyday and take you to your happy place!
At The Bandbox our aim is to keep you looking your best as we infuse color and your personal style.
We believe that fashion is the ultimate form of self expression because, let's face it; for the most part, people read our appearance before anything else. How we dress, wear our make up, hair, nails and accessorize speaks volumes before we even open our mouths. So whether you choose to dress up or dress down, your style expresses your individuality.
Incorporating your favourite colors, prints and textiles is where we come in! At The Bandbox we provide you with quality handmade merchandise so you can match or mix and always stand out with your personal style.
There is something about color that makes you feel different, happy; and we take pride in being a part of that. 
Join the movement as we color the world one beautiful handmade piece at a time.
We believe in:
The positive impact of uplifting each other. 
The effectiveness of helping each other along.
The power of believing in oneself.
CONFIDENCE in yourself
PASSION in everything you do
LOVE for yourself and others
FRIENDSHIP being the basis of every good relationship that exists.